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10 Principles to Success

1. Do something you love

Whatever your choice is you have to work hard in order to succeed. Be aware of the fact that it will dominate much of your life. If you dislike it, you will feel senses of frustration and sadness.

2. Take responsibility

The successful ones take responsibility for each action made and are not afraid of facing consequences. Taking 100% responsibility assists in improving the entire mindset and strengthen the courage to face to challenges on the path to success. The mediocre usually blames others if something doesn’t work.

3. Ask for what you want

Most people are afraid to ask for a promotion, considering it a daring or they are not prepared enough. However there is little chance your boss offer a unsolicited promotion and not because you are not eligible but due to their overloaded program.

4. Set targets along your path to success

Write targets on paper as they start to feel real and you’ll start to believe more in their achievement. This will direct your energies and fuel you with desire towards attaining those goals.

5. Think big

“The biggest obstacle to wealth is fear. People are afraid to think big, but if you think small, you’ll only achieve small things.” ~ T. Harv Eker

If the aim is set too high you may fall short and if it is too low you might achieve it but miss out better opportunities. By thinking bigger, the only limit is what is possible. You’re no longer limited by what you think is possible.

6. Use affirmations

Use positive and short affirmations in present tense, such as: “I’m good at my job”, “People rely on me”, “I’m getting successful” etc. Using positive statements about yourself you can redefine your world as your mind adopts a positive view and shape reality around those affirmations.

7. Express gratitude

Be positive and perceive all the great things you have and surrounds you and you will be put in touch with feelings of happiness and love. Where they exists, negative emotions cannot.
Every day you should thank for the people that love you, for the leisure time, the opportunities around you, your talents, the belongings you have etc. The gracefulness about your life will make you happier and peaceful.

8. Stay away of negative influences

Avoid negative influences around you which might deviate from the path to your goal. Keep people and ideas around you that support your success and your belief in success achievement.

9. Keep yourself motivated

Spend quality time with like-minded people and share goals and ideas with them. Become more confident about your ability and energy and constantly visualize yourself riding high.

10. Take action

That’s the key step towards your dreams. If you don’t take action nothing will happen and you will fall short.
The fastest way to achieving targets is the daily actions to them. Quick results are motivators to attaining more.

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