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12 Rules to boost productivity

1. Daily goals

Set targets on a paper for each day in advance. Tick each one once accomplished. At the end of the day assess your productivity and feel happy about it.

2. Delete them

I don’t mean to delete all your responsibilities, but if doesn’t need to be done, get of them.

3. Worst first

Tackle the most difficult ones first in the morning instead of delaying them. Your productivity will by far higher than in the evening and you’ll get more relaxed about the next ones.

4. Milestone

Before starting a task, identify targets to rich before each break. One example for me would be not having a break until I finish this article.

5. Time bounding

Set a time frame for each task. Do not worry if you didn’t made accurate estimations.

6. Silence

No WiFi access, no distractions or fridge. Also put your gadgets aside.

7. Tempo

Gradually, try to do things faster. Speak faster, type faster, read faster. Decrease your timeboxes set for tasks. Always look out for improvements.

8. Always relaxed

Reduce stress by cultivating a relaxing, clutter-free workspace. Stress has no benefits.

9. Deadline

Set deadline on your targets already set on a paper and use it to stay on track.

10. Share

Share your commitments with friends since they will hold you accountable. You may also find out who your friends are.

11. Visualization

Visualize goals as already accomplished even though there are not. Make them real in your mind and they will turn true.

12. Stick with it

Once you begin a task, stick with it until it’s 100% complete. Don’t switch tasks in the middle. When distractions come up, jot them down to be dealt with later.

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