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3 Simple Homemade MIXES for Hair Loss Controlling and Regrowth of Lost Hair

According to hair experts, losing 50-100 strands of hair every day is fairly normal. It is only a cause of concern when you lose more than that. But you can stop hair fall in its tracks with these simple home remedies. Here’s how you can make them.
Home remedy with garlic and oil

For this home remedy you will only need garlic and oil(preferably coconut oil). Put freshly crushed garlic in 2 oz of oil, get it to a boil. Let it cool down a bit and then massage it on your scalp for ten minutes, then let it rest for another twenty. Then you can wash your hair with regular shampoo. Do these steps 2 times a week.
Southeaster European home remedy for hair loss and dandruffonion tincture
This eastern european home remedy for hair loss was passed down for generations.
In 500 ml homemade brandy (or any alcohol with 40%-50%), are finely chopped and added 2 medium onions. This tincture should remain on room temperature for 2 weeks, then it’s strained and with it you massage the scalp. Leave it at least 30 minutes and then wash your hair with mild/gentle shampoo. To achieve good results, the procedure is needed to be repeated 2-3 times a week for a whole month.

For overcoming the problem with hair loss, making a tea with the following ingredients will help: Chamomile, Walnut leaf, Nettle and/or St John’s wort. Make a tea with these herbs and use it not only for drinking, but also on your head.


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