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5 Chair Exercises That Will Reduce Your Belly Fat While You Sit

If you are one of those people who spend most of their time sitting at their desk, this article is ideal for you!  It presents 5 chair exercises which are effective in blasting belly fat while sitting.  It sounds amazing, doesn’t it? You`ll get in shape while sitting at your desk and doing your job for the day.

Statistics show that the average American has only 4 hours of free time daily, most of which is spent in front of the TV or the computer. This fact is quite alarming, as studies show that those who spend most of their time sitting are at higher risk of suffering from dementia, heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer.  Sitting inhibits fat metabolism too, causing the body to store energy as fat.

Although exercising doesn’t fix all problems that come with sitting, it still significantly improves your health.  The exercises below are simple to perform and you will no longer be able to find excuses for not exercising and not moving around as you should.

Denise Austin, an eminent fitness trainer, shows how to perform these exercises properly, which are particularly designed for workaholics and women with tight schedule.  The exercises included in the video are the following:

1.     Knee Pull-Ins


  • Sit on the edge of the chair and put the feet on the ground in front of you, preferably at hip`s width apart
  • Keep the back straight as you draw the belly button towards the spine
  • Raise the right knee towards the chest and bring the arms toward the shin
  • Do 20-30 repetitions, alternating the knees
2.     Double Knee Lift


  • Begin in a sitting position while keeping the knees touching
  • Put the hands and arms on the armrests or hold the seat of the chair in case it doesn’t have any
  • Lift the knees to the chest while keeping the back straight
  • Lower the feet to the ground and repeat for 10-20 rep
3.     Oblique Pull Ups


  • Again, start in a sitting position while resting the arms on the armrests
  • Lean to one side to partially lift the bum off the chair
  • Repeat the exercise and follow up by leaning to the other side
  • Do 10-20 repetitions, alternating sides
4.     Floor Reaches


  • Put the feet on the ground and sit tall
  • Keep the arms straightened up to the sides at shoulder height
  • Twist the torso and lean forward in order to touch the left toes with the right fingers
  • Repeat the motion, this time touching the right toes with your left fingers
  • Do 20-30 repetitions, alternating each time
5.     Pull Up


  • Sit in a chair without wheels and press it against a wall for better stability
  • Put the arms on the armrests and move away from the chair, by pushing yourself up off it
  • Pull up the knees using your abs
  • Hold for as much as you can and lower yourself back down very slowly


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