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5 Moves That Seriously Lift Your Butt


  1. Dirty Dog

This bottom builder gained fame in the exercise videos of the 1970s as the “fire hydrant.”  It targets two of the muscle groups in the buttocks.

 Keep your knees hip-width apart and your hands directly under your shoulders, elbows straight. Gently stiffen the abs and keep your back in a neutral position with no sagging or arching. Slowly draw one knee up. Rotate the hip to bring the leg toward the torso, then away.


2. Lower half lunge

These lunges will have your legs burning while forcing your glutes to contract without rest, targeting several muscle groups simultaneously and elevating your heart rate.

Start in a lunge position with your back knee on the ground. Keeping your chest up, torso straight and belly pinned to the spine, bring your knee off the ground until you’re halfway up. Then go back to the ground.

Do 15 pulses each leg and perform slowly for best results.



3. Knee Donkey Kick

Kneel on a mat or towel and then get on all fours with your knees aligned under your hips. Focus on a spot on the ground so that your neck stays neutral. Exhale and raise one leg behind you, keeping the knee bent, until the sole of your foot is parallel to the ceiling. Pause for one count. Lower your knee to the mat. Do 12 to 15 reps before working the other leg. Perform three complete sets (both sides).

To make the exercise harder, contract your glutes at the top of the move and pulse your raised foot upward five times.

4. Pelvic tilts

This exercise will help lift your butt and stop it looking as though it’s sitting on the back of your legs.

Lie on your back with your knees up and toes pointed up (on your heels). Slowly raise your hips off the ground until your pelvis is like a bridge. Hold this position for five seconds, focusing on squeezing your glutes up and belly down (imagine you are trying to get them to meet in the middle). Release and repeat.




You’ll need a chair or step. Place your right foot on the chair or step and step up, using your right glute to lift – don’t push off your left foot. Now straighten your right leg to stand tall and slowly lower yourself by bending your right knee and pushing your hips back. Repeat the move on the other side. To increase the challenge, use a higher chair or step.


5 Moves That Seriously Lift Your Butt

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