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6 Ways to Overcome Fear

1. Awareness

Aware is an acronym standing for:

A: accept the anxiety and don’t try to act against it.

W: watch the anxiety. Just watch it and when you notice it, scale your fear level and begin to breath and out-breath longer.

A: act normally. Carry on behaving normally as nothing different is happening. This sends a powerful signal to your unconscious mind that its over-dramatic response is actually not needed because nothing that unusual is going on.
R: repeat the steps above in your mind

E: expect the best. One of the greatest feelings in life is the realization that you can control fear much more than you thought possible. Overcoming fear and anxiety will give you the ‘spare capacity’ in life to focus on what you really want to be and do.

2. Identify

Trace the roots of your fears and look at the pictures in your head in specific situations of fear. What are you really scared of? Become your own observer of the complex inner world. There may be deep and forgotten causes in your causes in your childhood, events and situations you don’t even remember or they may have appeared recently. Have courage to look at the fears and accept them.

3. Gratitude

Whenever you feel fear, switch it over and start thinking about the wonderful things that surrounds you: beloved ones, your beauty, the magnificent nature, all the things around us created by humans etc. Be grateful for all the things you have. If you are afraid of public speaking, be grateful for the opportunity to communicate with so many people and that they are genuinely ready to listen to you.

4. Therapy

If you find this tips rather difficult to apply by yourself or you usually prefer ‘teamworks’, try finding a good therapist that might by life-changing. The criteria for choosing your therapist should be more subjective. Choose the one you resonate with and feel comfortable talking everything.

5. Get control of your imagination


Fear thrives when you ensure it the proper ground, when you imagine the worst, when you are pessimistic and lack confidence. Our imagination is an exceptional tool to be able to project into the future so we can plan ahead. However, a side effect of being able to imagine possible positive futures is being able to imagine things going wrong.

Uncontrolled imagination is a nesting ground for anxiety and fear that can spoil otherwise happy lives. Some people misuse their imagination chronically and so suffer much more anxiety than those who either future-project their imaginations constructively or who don’t tend to think about the future much at all.

Anxious, chronic worriers tend to misuse their imaginations to the extent that upcoming events feel like catastrophes waiting to happen. No wonder whole lives can be blighted by fear and anxiety. Some people don’t even really know they are doing this.

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