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A Complete Cooking Cheat Sheet Everyone Should Have!

The time we live in is so incredible that it provides us with the opportunity to get a meal as easy as going to a drive-thru, there is someone that can only hand you the food without you ever having to get out of the vehicle. There is even a chance for you to only call the restaurant and have them bring you the food right to your home.

A Complete Cooking Cheat Sheet

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These opportunities have made everything so easy for people so that they do not have to bother and learn how to cook a proper meal for themselves or their loved ones. In case you belong to this group of people, and you are just beginning to learn how to prepare a good home-cooked meal, do not feel intimidated. Even if you are a moderate or even an experienced cook, there are things in the kitchen you have not yet known. Cooking can sometimes be confusing, particularly if you have a lot going on.

Krisgo’s Do It And How provides you with the opportunity to have the ultimate kitchen cheat sheet. This cheat sheet contains next to everything you need to know about preparing next to anything. This cheat sheet presents so many different foods and even more ways you can prepare them; it can even be handy for the experienced home chefs.

Food safety is the most important benefit of having this list around. Especially if you are a new cook, or you are trying to cook some new kind of meat, you need to be extremely careful that you cook it properly, because if not, you can make yourself and the people who consume it very sick.

Thanks to this list, you will remember what temperature all types of meats should be, and how much time of cooking is needed so they are safe to eat. You will also learn how long it takes to cook all different kinds of vegetables, based on how you plan on cooking them. You can also find out that there is more than one way to cook vegetables.

The list goes on surprising us and offers us even measurement conversions. Have you been in a situation where you have to stop what you have been doing and run to your computer or cell phone to look up different measurement conversions because the recipe you have been following has put the measurements in ounces, and you have been trying to measure by cups.

There is even more to this neat list. It even tells us how long we can store things in the freeze before they go bad. Do you remember how many times you had to throw some food away just because the freezer-burn got the best of it? The list even contains illustrations on food storage in the fridge as well.

The cheat sheet and its cool content do not end here. You will be amazed of the entire sheet which is so well organized and easy to follow. It is a must for your home kitchen, as it contains so much to remember when it comes to cooking and storing food. It is beneficial and handy even for cooks who are experienced and excellent at what they do.


The cheat sheet we talk about spares you the stress of cooking, especially if you are a novice. You will look at the cooking experience in a whole different way, as it will make it more enjoyable and exciting. Say goodbye to the old days of take-out food or TV dinners and get ready, because you will now have the confidence in yourself to make yourself a meal.

Complete Cooking Cheat Sheet

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