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According to science, this is how the perfect woman’s body should look

In spite of the fact that magnificence is subjective depending on each person’s preferences, there are sure physical attributes that, as people, we find inherently alluring. In any event, as indicated by the University of Texas, that is.

Specialists at the college directed a study to discover what truly is the “ideal” female body. By the day’s end, they found that model Kelly Brook (presented underneath) fit the depiction of a perfect woman’s body.


The result came as an astonish to many individuals in the logical and displaying group. In spite of the fact that there is probably Brook is an exceptionally alluring woman, many individuals suspected that the “ideal” woman’s body would be more slender in light of guidelines set by promoting and displaying offices.

College of Texas Study

In any case, regardless of being named as having the absolute best body on the planet, Kelly Brook guarantees that she has encountered reaction from the displaying business due to being “too thick”. This demonstrates there might be a critical distinction between perfect bodies in the displaying business and what the normal individual finds alluring.

The study was led by looking at physical parts of women that were favored by men. The exploration considered body measure, extents, age and facial attributes, for example, one’s lips, nose and hair.

The way that Brook has never had any type of surgery or physical reproduction likewise adds to her physical engaging quality.

“This woman is totally characteristic and logically immaculate,” the study suggested.

Things being what they are, do you concur with the scientists’ decision? Does this precisely speak to the “ideal” woman’s body sort, or does it not?


According to science, this is how the perfect woman’s body should look


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