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Believe in yourself


Low self-esteem can be the root cause of some mental health problems and can cause a vicious circle. You feel bad about yourself, so you get depressed, which makes you feel even worse about yourself, so you get more depressed and it can be difficult to break that cycle. Positive thinking and boosting self-esteem will improve emotional wellbeing.

Self-esteem is how you think about yourself, the opinion you have of yourself. If you have low self-esteem, the thoughts you have about yourself tend to be negative and focus on what you think are your weaknesses. Having a low opinion of yourself can make you more prone to mental health problems such as eating disorders, depression or anxiety and phobias.

Self-esteem can just be down to your own temperament. However, negative experiences in childhood can contribute to feelings of low self-esteem. People who have been abused or neglected in their childhoods often have low self-esteem or young people who feel they have not matched up to their parents’ expectations. Other things that can affect someone’s self-esteem include bullying, trauma, poor physical health and social exclusion.

Having low self-esteem can affect work, personal relationships and your social life so it is important to tackle low self-esteem to boost positive thinking and positive mental wellbeing.


  • Accept yourself

To believe in yourself,you first need to accept you for who you are. How can you believe in something you don’t fully accept? Accept your good qualities, acknowledge your flaws and maybe work on them. To believe in yourself, you have no other choice but to love yourself with all of your good and bad sides.

Your appearance, achievements, salary and other things should not be compared to other people’s ones. Everyone has his or her own way, goals and results. Don’t waste your time, emotions and energy to compete with everyone around. Do what you do and be the best version of yourself.

  • Change your perspective

Think about what your weaknesses are, when you started to feel like this; can you identify something that has happened that might have caused you to feel like this?

Once you have identified the negative beliefs, gather evidence to challenge this and write them down so you have a list as evidence when you are feeling down. For example, if you feel you are unattractive, note it down when you receive a compliment from someone that says you look pretty or they like your new haircut.

Stop focusing on negative things in your life. Concentrate on everything that is good and positive around you and be grateful for that. Every time you want to complain about all the hardships and unfairness in your life, try to find at least something good in every bad situation and it will be much easier for you to progress.

  • Make a list of your achievements

Do you bang your head against a brick wall being ready to give up in despair? Try to make a list of your personal winnings. There must have been difficult situations in your life and you found the way out. There must be some things that you are proud of. Making such a list will be a great psychological motivation that will help you believe in yourself.

  •  Surround yourself with people who believe in you

Look at the people you have around you on a regular basis and think about how they make you feel. If you are spending a lot of time with someone who makes you feel rubbish about yourself then spend a bit less time with them and spend more time with people who make you feel good about yourself.
5.Take up a positive hobby.

  • Volunteer work

Many people prefer not to think about it and not to notice it. However, in any society, even in the most developed and successful one, there are always people who need help. It may be kids from an orphanage, homeless people on the streets, war veteran in your building, etc.

Try to make someone’s day a bit better. Nothing improves self-esteem and self-respect more than realizing that you’ve helped someone. Charity and volunteer work can help not only other people in solving their problems, but it can also help you to feel better about yourself.

  • Step-by-step victories

It is impossible to start believing in yourself if you fail in every undertaking. Maybe, life gives you very difficult tasks; maybe you underestimate your strength. In this case, you need to find a real and doable task for you. Start with small things. It is better to have small winnings step by step and to progress than to take big initiations and fail every time.



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