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Benefits of Jump Rope

Rope jumping is afun exercise for training your cardiovascular system and burning calories. Jumping rope engages your whole body, with emphasis on your leg muscles. Incorporating rope jumping into your workout program can speed fat-burning and boost stamina, while sculpting lean legs and a toned torso.
The benefits of jumping rope are many. Here are a few you might not have known about:

Muscle Tone

Jumping rope is a complex exercise. That means that while you’re getting a killer cardio workout, you’re also toning and firming all of your muscles — not just your legs. You definitely will tone and define muscle but you won’t build mass.The main muscles this applies to are the calves, shoulders, upper back and core. The calves are among the primary muscles involved with leaping ability. Since jumping rope puts a heavy emphasis on the calves, this activity can increase your vertical leap. This can be especially beneficial in sports such as basketball, football, baseball and volleyball.


Improved Breathing

In addition to improved heart health and stamina, jumping rope also improves how efficiently you breathe. This becomes very beneficial when doing other activities because you won’t be as out of breath after running down the court or swimming laps in the pool.



Lose Weight

One of the most important ways that jumping rope can be used is as a means to achieve weight loss.
Jumping rope is a highly effective fat-burning activity, popular among many athletes. Jumping rope burns approximately 10 calories per minute, burning off the calories of that candy bar you indulged in with 15 to 20 minutes. On top of that, jumping rope strengthens the heart, works both the upper and lower body and builds coordination. You could simply jump rope to lose weight, but because most people can´t do it continuously and after it gets monotonous, add some other exercises with jumping rope to make a circuit routine.


Improves Brain Function

Jumping rope (even as little as 20 minutes) is good for the brain. But did you know that activities with BOTH physical and mental demands (like ballroom dancing or jumping rope) have higher impacts on cognitive functioning than exercise tasks alone (like the treadmill or stationary bike). Turns out the very best workouts for brain health involve coordination, rhythm, and strategy. So the next time you’re jumping rope, challenge yourself to try some jump rope tricks. Turns out they’re really good for your brain.A short, sweaty session of jumping rope, running in place, squat bends can quickly improve blood flow to the brain, helping to improve the transmission of signals through the nerve cells. Try to squeeze in this mini-workout within an hour before you’re expected to perform.


Improves Coordination

Jumping rope actually improves your coordination by making you focus on your feet. Whether or not you’re paying attention to them, your brain is aware of what your feet are doing. This practice, over and over again, makes you “lighter” on your feet.We must train all the muscles in the body to work together so we can continuously jump rope with out landing on it. It takes time, practice and patience, and also a lot of energy. We can all learn to jump rope efficiently with some patience and dedication, and not only will you build coordination while jumping rope, you will also build overall body coordination.


Cardio Benefits

Cardio workouts help to strengthen the lungs capacity to distribute oxygen more efficiently in your body.
Jumping rope quickly raises the heartbeat to get the blood circulating faster to supply oxygen to cells. The cells of the body can then burn energy quicker to maintain the higher rate of work.
Not only does cardio build your lung’s efficiency it also strengthens the heart. The heart is a muscle and it needs to be worked out to remain strong. When the lungs provide oxygen to the bloodstream more efficiently, the heart needs to be strong to pump blood faster throughout the body to provide cells with the needed oxygen.







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