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Best Haircut for Your Face Shape

Every hairstyle does not not look great on everyone.But how do you know which of the many popular styles will look great with your face shape without trying them all and looking ridiculous half the time.

Straight Hair, Round Face
A shoulder-dusting cut with long layers elongates your face. Strong, straight-across bangs enhance cheekbones.

Straight Hair, Square Face
A shoulder-length cut with layers from chin to collarbone softens a strong jaw; sideswept bangs minimize a wide forehead.

Straight Hair, Heart Face
Try a pixie to play up your eyes and cheekbones. Or a blunt lob (long bob) with a few long layers.

Wavy or Curly Hair, Round Face
Length can be midneck to midback, but always get long layers to counteract a pyramid effect; a deep side part emphasizes bone structure.

Wavy or Curly Hair, Oval Face
A cut that skims your shoulders plays up curls; a side part enhances cheekbones.
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