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Best Makeup Colors for Blondes

    If you’re a natural blonde, your lashes are bound to be light. Curl them with an eyelash curler, then adhere three to five individual, medium-length falsies to the outer corners of each eye, using tweezers for precise application. With a steady hand, rim top and bottom lashes with black or dark chocolate liner for evening; use brown for a softer daytime look. Formula options are three-fold: kohl pencil, liquid, or wet powder—all of which will need to be smudged with a Q-tip. Finish with volumizing mascara. Try on the best makeup for blondes in our virtual makeup studio.

Don’t be fooled, blondes can always wear black mascara, just make sure the mascara doesn’t get onto pieces of your hair or it will look like you have reverse roots.

Liquid foundation should yield a smooth, light-reflecting finish and have golden, not pink, undertones to warm up the skin.

Blondes with blue eyes look gorgeous in soft eye shadows ranging from dove gray to apricot and shimmer copper. Blondes with green eyes can rock red-based hues like mauve and plum. Brown-eyed gals can wear anything from midnight blue to neutral tones.

Sweep a pale peach or apricot blush from the apple of the cheeks to the temples with a fluffy blush brush. Next up? Bronzer. Dust it onto the temples and cheeks, décolletage, and in between the cleavage to create the illusion of more “depth” (wink, wink) and to warm up your complexion. Blondes with dark skin can create gorgeous cleavage by shadowing in between the breasts with a light highlighter color. Top off your glowing canvas with a dash of pearly, pale-pink shimmer powder on the cheekbones, temples, outer and inner corners of the eye, and underside of the brows. This technique picks up light and emphasizes stunning bone structure.

Line the outer rim of your pout with a fleshy nude pencil. Follow with two coats of nude or baby pink lipstick (blot between applications), and add a dab of high-shine lip gloss to the center of the lower lip for a look that’s plump and irresistibly kissable.


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