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Caring for Neck

The neck is part of a woman’s beauty. First, neck, is seen as well as the face. Secondly, it gives elegant movements. But most women forget to care and pay for their negligence. Often, neck ages faster than the face, on his true age causing havoc. Unfortunately, when they starts catastrophe to occur, even plastic surgery can not help. That is why we believe it’s time to draw your attention on how to care for your neck.

Exercises for muscle maintenance

They are easy and can be performed at any time of the day. Their role is to strengthen the muscles of the neck and of the neck support, improve blood circulation. Apart from that the skin will better withstand the battle with time, the exercises that we prescribe prevent cervical osteoarthritis .

1. Make rotational movements of the head. Support your chin in your chest, then “pour” your head to the right shoulder, back, to the left shoulder, back to the place that you left. Movement is slow, focused on stretching the muscles as strong as possible. Perform five movements each way.
2. Turn head to the rhythm right and left, keeping the back straight and eyes. Repeat the movement 10 times.
3. Keeping your back straight, tilt your head back and forth, trying to touch the chin and behind the chest with the back of the head. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

4. Tilt your head sideways on both sides, trying to touch shoulders with ears. Repeat 10 times.
5. The High  shoulders until touch ear lobe, then lower it slowly. Repeat the movement 10 times.

For the neck under the chin

It is the most exposed for wrinkling and aging, where nasty double chin form. Practiced daily exercises , that we present ,  has an excellent effect: Sit comfortably on a chair with your back straight. Tilt your head back, how much can (you must have the feeling that hang like a stone). Without changing the position back, make small movements with his head swinging up and down. You will feel very quickly as the muscle under the chin stretches.
Neck exercises should be practiced daily maintenance, for 10 minutes.

Neck Massage

• Sit on a chair, elbows on the table. Support your chin on the fist. Massage thoroughly with finger bones (those ending in hand), moving easily fists, and then pressure, pressing on under the chin (count to 25).

• Stand on the chair, his elbows on the table, take the chin and cheek in your palms. Try to open your mouth, while pressing the bridge palms ,strong , trying to prevented , the move

Skincare and neck makeup

Gatul trebuie sa se bucure exact de aceeasi ingrijire si acelasi machiaj ca si obrazul. Cand va demachiati, treceti vata cu laptele demachiant si pe gat. Cand va spalati, cand faceti masaje cu peria moale pe fata, nu uitati gatul. Exact aceeasi crema pe care o intindeti pe fata intindeti-o si pe gat. La fel procedati si cu aplicarea fondului de ten si a pudrei: gatul este o prelungire fireasca a fetei si trebuie sa arate la fel.
Natural Cosmetics

There will never know  name of the first woman was clever idea to wash your face with water parsley. It was a great idea, which led to the transformation of the kitchen in a small distillery cosmetics. Basically, there is no problem regarding the health and appearance of our skin, that white and perfumed root, with her cute tuft of green leaves, not solve it. For example:
Acne, pimples, redness of the face can be solved with pronounced repeated application of crushed leaves of parsley.
Irritated skins decrease,  if applied once a week, a mask of fresh parsley juice (squeezed in blender).
– skins loaded (blackheads and pimples), peel and become bright, though for a week, morning and evening, wash them with a decoction warm parsley (parsley simmer for 15 minutes over a half liter of water).

Elasticity and freshness skin win if you do a course of one week per month with seeds of parsley: 50 g of seeds (you can use as well and roots) boil a liter of water 5 minutes, then infuses another 15 minutes. Drink 2 cups a day, morning and evening before meals.

Against freckles: repeated measures with fresh parsley juice.


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