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Reasons to Eat Spinach


The benefits of spinach are many. Leafy greens like spinach provide more nutrients than any other food.There are so many benefits to eating this nutritional powerhouse. Spinach is a nutrition powerhouse so why not take advantage of it? You can add spinach to so many dishes, add to your sandwiches, ...

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Banana Diet


The Banana Diet is easy to follow and gives you steady and slow weight loss.  The people who established the Banana Diet claim that if you drink water at room temperature and also consume bananas you can lose weight regardless of what you eat for the rest of the day. ...

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Diet No Sugar


Foods with sugar content include most cereals, breads, fruit punches, soft drinks, candies, energy drinks, sauces,  salad dressings as well as many other baked products. For this reason, it is always ideal for you to look at the ingredients in each product before making a purchase. However, there are lots ...

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Creme Caramel

INGREDIENTS: For the Caramel 1 cup sugar For the Custard 2 1/2 cups heavy cream 2 1/2 cups milk 1 vanilla bean, split and scraped or 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract 1 cup sugar 6 large eggs 6 large egg yolks

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Drink More Water Every Day


Drinking H2O and staying hydrated can help you lose weight, energize your muscles, improve your skin & hair, flush out toxins and so much more.Knocking back your 8 glasses a day prevents halitosis, cuts down on tooth decay and even lowers your risk of cavities if your water contains fluoride. ...

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Cannelloni are a cylindrical type of pasta generally served baked with a filling and covered by a sauce in Italian cuisine. Some types of cannelloni need to be boiled beforehand, while for others, it is enough to use a more dilute sauce or filling.Popular stuffings include spinach and ricotta or ...

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