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Champagne for Beauty

When pouring champagne in glasses, Christmas or New Year, think and joy cheek and keep a bit of champagne. And the beauty is drunk and she of her foam. Champagne has the magical power against aging, skin and refreshes, giving it an enviable tenderness.


In the morning, after the usual cleaning cheek, wipe the face with a cotton pad soaked with cold champagne. Allow to dry face, then apply a moisturizing day cream.

Ice Beauty

Use ice cubes champagne, for toning the skin, gently rubbing his face with them. The method is not recommended if you have a disease of the respiratory tract, chronic sinusitis or fragile capillaries.

Tonic Mask

Prepare a paste with 100 ml champagne, 120 g of clay (preferably white) and 2 tablespoons of cream. Apply on skin washed for 20 minutes while it is good to stay relaxed and not talk. Mask rinse with warm water, then apply a nourishing cream. The skin takes on an aspect young and healthy. Mask has skin whitening effects. Apply 2 times a week.

Bathroom with champagne

In bathtub full of water, add a glass of champagne, a glass of milk powder and half a cup of salt mare.Se apply homogeneous mixture, which has a calming, detoxifying and anti-aging.

Masks for healthy hair

Before the usual washing with shampoo, apply hair 50 ml champagne, we can add 2 drops of essential oil naturally. Follow normal washing and rinsing. Champagne gives hair an intense glow, makes silky, strengthens the roots, preventing hair to fall out.




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