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Do you believe Andre Agassi really “hates” tennis?

I read his wonderful book this summer and probably the most famous thing he says in it, at least to tennis fans, is that he hates tennis. He always has, he says.

He goes on about it too. He does not say, “I hated tennis and what it did to my body. Even though it was my life and I was competitive and wanted to win, I hated it almost all the time.”

That, I would get. Any player can have a love/hate relationship with their sport.

However, Andre emphasizes over and over and over that he never enjoyed tennis. At all. He doesn’t like the sport: the rules of it, the way it is played, the way the league is set up, everything.

I’m not sure I believe him, though. I think he’s trying to sell books by emphasizing that he didn’t like it.

Listen to this interview, especially at the end when he is asked about Federer. He says, “I’m reaching the end of my time as a tennis enthusiast to predict Federer’s decline.”

That interview was, I believe, yesterday. He played Pete Sampras last night for fun(charity, perhaps?).

When talking casually, he calls himself an enthusiast. Also, when I watched him play, he clearly loved it. He loved winning, he loved watching, he loved talking to fans, he loved the competition.

Heck, he played until an older age than most players and even rose back to number 1 after a steep decline.

Do you think Andre Agassi hates tennis? Or is he just exaggerating?


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