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Drink More Water Every Day

Drinking H2O and staying hydrated can help you lose weight, energize your muscles, improve your skin & hair, flush out toxins and so much more.Knocking back your 8 glasses a day prevents halitosis, cuts down on tooth decay and even lowers your risk of cavities if your water contains fluoride.

The problem is that even though you know you should be sipping water 24/7, you often don’t get nearly as much of the stuff as you should.

If you would like to increase your water intake for athletic, dietary, or health purposes, there are many safe and effective ways to do so.


1.  Invest in a Good Bottle

Most of us are on the go a lot, so it’s critical to have a good, portable bottle that you never leave the house without.  Invest in a high quality bottle, like those from S’Well that keeps your water cold for 24 hours and is double-walled so it won’t sweat all over your stuff.

2.  Mark Your Deadlines

If you have trouble meeting your daily quota, try getting a see-through bottle and use a marker or tape to mark your goals according to hours of the day. This way you can easily keep track of your progress without measuring or thinking too hard.

3.  Create Water Routines

You already have several routines that are a part of your daily life, so why not add water?  For example, make it a habit to drink a glass of water in the morning as you wait for the shower to warm up or every night right before dinner.  After a little while, they’ll become second nature.

4.Eat spicy

Adding crushed red pepper to your plate will have your reaching for tha water pitcher multiple times trough dinner.Plus , studies show that hot peppers give your metabolism a boost.

5.  Sip Through a Straw

When you drink through a straw, you tend to drink more and faster.  So pick up a pack of bendy straws or even some old-school silly straws and drink up.

6.  Eat Your Water

Many foods contain a high amount of water, so adding more of them to your diet will also increase your water intake:  watermelon, cucumbers, grapefruit, iceberg lettuce, cantaloupe, tomatoes, eggplant and many more!


7.Follow up each meal with a small glass of water.

Drinking water during and after each meal can help you feel full longer after eating and aid in the digestion of your food.

8. Make it Tastier

If you’re a soda or juice nut and prefer your drinkables to come with a tasty flavor, try various recipes for naturally infused water.  You can even buy special bottles that include a compartment for fruits and herbs that will lend a little natural taste to your H2O.  You may also want to invest in a home carbonating machine, like SodaStream, so you can make your own natural “soda.”





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