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During S3X Her Husband Felt Something MOVING Inside Her, Then Doctors Found It!


A Strange Mass

Ellie Taylor-Davis, from England, was having fun with her boyfriend. She felt a strange mass moving in her lower abdomen. She felt something when she went to the bathroom too, and thought it was all due to constipation.

Bad News

But when she visited her gynecologist one month later, to get a contrceptive coil fitted, an “alien-shaped” tumor was discovered in her body. The emergency ultrasound revealed that she had a 6.3 inch tumor in ovaries and abdomen. And it was crushing her internal organs.


Surgeons were able to remove it all. It was cancerous.


It Didn’t Spread

Fortunately for Ellie, the cancer was caught early, so it didn’t spread to her lymph nodes and she didn’t need chemotherapy. “If I hadn’t gone to have the coil fitted the cancer could have spread much further and I’d be none the wiser,” Taylor-Davis said. “I knew something was wrong and the saying ‘you know your body best’ is definitely true, you have to listen to your gut instinct.”

Look Out

The UK has a woman dying from ovarian cancer every two hours. It has the worst cases in Western Europe. Ellie decided to share her story during ovarian cancer awareness month to encourage other women to look out for symptoms that could lead to a diagnosis, and not to rely on a lucky find.

source:  www.zeppfeed.com

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