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Foods That Help Detoxify the Body

“The human body has natural mechanisms of detoxification: colon, lungs, liver, kidneys and skin, but they are overwhelmed by the amount of toxins. Normally man during his hunter-gatherer did not need to stimulate detoxification, this is done naturally, as food and environment was not polluted and diet was natural . Therefore, one must today support the detoxification system. If the system was clogged with food debris, toxins are not eliminated recirculated in the body, “explains prof. dr. George Mencinicopschi


Detoxification occurs by removing toxins and acidic waste daily from the air , medication , food, or caused by stress or parasites  Thus, the human being regains  vitality. When toxins are not eliminated properly, it creates a favorable environment for pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and fungi that lead to disease , clinical manifestations are as cellulitis, lipomas, fibroids, cysts, stones . There are some indications that the body warns us, warning us about the existence of a high degree of toxicity:

  •  headaches, migraines;
  • fatigue;
  •  dark circles;
  •  acne, skin blemishes, rashes, dry skin;
  • warts;
  •  lipomas appearance, fibroids;
  •  weight gain;
  •  hair loss;
  •  back pain;
  • bloating;
  •  brittle and white stripes;
  •  Frequent colds;
  •  smelly sweat;
  •  allergies;
  • feeling irritable.

 Considering the current lifestyle and “bombing” unhealthy food that we obey bodies day by day, they require a minimum of two cycles of detoxification per year. It is recommended that they be accompanied by regular physical activity, eating alkaline, but and a “clean” mentally and building a positive thinking.

Foods that promotes detoxification


It is only natural product known who can make a quick and highly effective decontamination, pulling from the body a variety of toxins from food. This natural mineral is able to extract from body and the radioactive heavy metals, most of the pesticides present in fruits and vegetables, as well as synthetic food additives industrialized. Once in the body, the zeolite , acts as a formidable blood filtration plant, which is gradually cleansed of the poisons that we have accumulated through food or drink. It is used in the form of capsules containing ground fine powder, which are taken on day six. A treatment usually lasts 90 days, then a break of 15-30 days, then administration may resume.

Fresh Nettles

Nettles are a so-called detoxifying alive, very active, but has only the expected effects eaten fresh.  is the season of harvesting for young nettle leaves, rich in chlorophyll and antioxidants. Chlorophyll that nettle leaf it contains in large quantities has the ability to mobilize toxins from the body, which will then be promptly eliminated by urine, as this plant is a powerful diuretic. Then, eaten fresh nettles have two extremely important effects:
–   hormonal rebalancing, especially in the gonads (ovaries / testicles), adrenal and thyroid gland, which are most affected by toxins in food.
–  rebalancing pH alkaline  of the body, while reducing the acidity of blood, saliva and urine.
This, while the excess acidity of the blood results in decreased immunity, obesity, tumor diseases. Instead, alkalifying obtained by cure nettle has the gift to increase our immunity to infections and cancer, cure many diseases or digestive metabolism.
To have maximum effect, nettles are eaten raw as a salad, rub well with a little salt (to no longer produce the famous Urzicarului), or as juice with electric juicer obtained. For those with sensitive digestion, good effects are obtained and cooked nettles least . It consumes easily.


Dandelion is one of the best detoxifying the world. Its stems and leaves of fresh flowers, now appearing in the spring, are cleaner exceptional full body metabolic wastes or toxic substances in food. And this plant has no less than four goals that actioneza predilection:

  • liver and gallbladder – whose activity is stimulated, and having drained and regenerative effects.
  • pancreas – which directly stimulates him, and protect him, as it lowerssugar in blood and improves direct the body’s ability to  insulin process.
  •  kidney – of which it has a diuretic effect, and cleaning of the sand .
  • the colon – which directly stimulates detoxification by increasing intestinal motility and transit..
    To get these effects, are consumed fresh dandelion leaves, well washed previously introduced in spring salads, in addition to the appetizer sandwiches . Dandelion stems are harvested when the plant has not bloomed . Daily, also consume 5-10 rods per day on an empty stomach. Dandelion rods are extremely bitter, almost unbearable for those accustomed to the taste of the food exquisite indulgence, but their effects on health deserves the effort.


Apple is a nutritional powerhouse. According to the United States Nutrient Data Lab, one fist-sized apple contains only 81 calories but is packed with goodness. The soluble fiber, pectin, helps prevent plaque buildup in blood vessels while the insoluble fiber, cellulose, helps the digestive system move waste quickly through the intestinal tract by adding bulk. Apples are rich in calcium, iron, phosphorus and potassium, as well as B-complex folates and vitamins A and C.

Apple Detox Diet


 Garlic is incredibly cruel. Garlic has powerful antiviral properties, antiseptic and antibiotic. Garlic may help stimulate the liver in terms of production of detoxification enzymes that help filter toxins from the digestive system.


Artichokes increase bile production and at the same time, purifies and protects the liver. Also, artichokes have a slightly diuretic effect on the kidneys, which helps eliminate toxins, once the liver breaks down them.  Some studies have shown that artichokes can regenerate liver tissue. Also, artichokes have a very high fiber content, which, as we all know, helps the process of elimination.





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