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Health benefits of tennis

People who choose to play tennis appear to have significant health benefits, including improved aerobic fitness, a lower body fat percentage, a more favourable lipid profile, reduced risk for developing cardiovascular disease, and improved bone health.
Tennis is one of the most popular sports throughout the world and is played by millions of people. Furthermore, a large majority of the people who play tennis maintain the sport throughout life. Tennis would therefore be an ideal sport to improve physical activity levels of the general population.
Playing tennis offers many physical and mental health benefits. Some are short term, such as the stress relief that comes with a workout. Other benefits help you on a longer term basis, such as weight loss from consistent activity or the improved confidence that comes with improving your skill at a complex task.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Tennis is a high energy fitness activity that combines the best features of the sport of tennis with cardiovascular exercise, delivering the ultimate, full body, calorie burning aerobic workout.
Playing tennis elevates your heart rate throughout the game and burns extra calories to help you lose weight. The elevated heart rate from tennis and other cardiovascular exercises improves your circulatory health, lowering your risk for heart disease, heart attack and stroke. According to health resource website HealthStatus, a 160-pound person burns about 220 calories in 30 minutes of singles tennis — enough to potentially shed a pound every few weeks just from casual play with friends.
Tennis is a high energy fitness activity that combines the best features of the sport of tennis with cardiovascular exercise, delivering the ultimate, full body, calorie burning aerobic workout.


Tennis for Weight Loss

For people looking to lose weight, tennis can be excellent for burning calories. Tennis is a whole-body sport, and you can burn a lot of calories because you’re constantly on the move. Playing tennis can actually burn more calories than other popular types of physical activity, including leisurely cycling, weight lifting, golfing, dancing or playing volleyball. As a result, playing tennis regularly has been shown to help reduce body fat. Singles tennis can burn between 400-600 calories an hour.

Flexibility, balance and coordination

Tennis requires the cooperation of the whole body. The feet maneuver you into the right position, the arms and hands position the racquet to make contact with the ball, and the torso and legs provide the power to send the ball flying over the net. Tennis requires quick reaction time and radical shifts in direction, which improves your agility.Your hand-eye coordination can greatly improve through tennis, yet this skill is believed to develop through years of playing.All these factors come together every time you hit the ball, and each shot takes flexibility, coordination and balance. Flexibility is great because it can give you a wider range of motion, help prevent injuries .

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Toning Muscular

Muscular endurance is a muscle’s ability to work continuously against resistance over a long period of time. To build muscular endurance, an athlete must train her muscles to overcome fatigue. Gains in muscular endurance are not made by increasing the weight lifted, but by increasing the amount of time a muscle spends contracting against resistance.
Tennis works nearly every muscle group and is particularly good for strengthening and toning your arms and legs.

Boosts brain power

Tennis requires the brain to be creative, and it involves planning, tactical thinking, agility and the coordination of different parts of the body. So the more you play tennis, the better and stronger the neural connections related to those types of activities become, and the better you become at them. In addition to improving neural connections and developing new neurons, studies show that exercises that require a lot of thinking — such as tennis — can actually improve brain function in ways that aid memory, learning, social skills and behavior.

Improved aerobic and anaerobic health

Tennis is an anaerobic sport, played in short bursts of high-intensity activity. Depending on  how hard you play the game, you will reach different heart rates and burn different amounts of calories. Understanding how tennis affects your body will let you train properly for competition or create workouts that burn more calories.Tennis increases your oxygen intake while playing, increasing your heart rate and helping your blood deliver oxygen and nutrients to all your muscles. It also aids in the development of numerous capillaries and capillary beds within the muscles so that your muscles can have a greater blood supply and flow. This helps in your muscles perform at a higher level and fatigue at a slower rate. It also helps in maintaining anaerobic health, which allows the muscles to use oxygen in a better way and provide quick energy spurts for explosive power and quick, reactive movements.



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