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Home Remedies for Snoring

Snoring is caused by the flow of air rushing across relaxed muscles in the mouth and throat during sleep. When your muscles relax, they collapse back into the throat which narrows and obstructs the airway. As air tries to pass through this obstructed airway, it causes an audible vibration or what many refer to as snoring!
If you suffer from severe snoring, you (and your partner) would surely be very happy to find a cure. Snoring disturbs your sleep, that of your partner and can even result in sleep apnea, a condition in which the airways become too obstructed to allow breathing.

When searching for a natural solution, it is important to look at the key causes of snoring. Sinus infections, nasal congestion, being overweight, and alcohol consumption are all factors that can create or exacerbate snoring. Some of these contributors can be avoided by doing things like losing weight and reducing the consumption of alcohol and sedatives. Sleeping on your side or keeping a regularly scheduled sleeping pattern are some other natural ways to stop snoring.

1. Change your sleep position

Snoring may only happen when you are lying on your back and your tongue falls back and increases airway resistance. If you are one of these snorers, sleeping on your side will usually help you stop snoring. Some people add a pocket to the back of their pyjamas between the shoulder blades and a put a ball, like a tennis ball or golf ball in it to help avoid sleeping on the back.

2. Lose weight

If you are overweight, losing even a modest amount of weight may help you stop snoring.The reason for this is a reduction in fat deposits in the neck that cause constriction of the airways.This partial airway restriction results in snoring. While weight loss may be helpful for some sufferers, weight loss is not a sure-fire solution, as slimmer individuals can snore too!

3. Avoid alcohol and sedatives

The consumption of booze, tranquilizers or sleeping pills can lead to the depression of your central nervous system, which relaxes the muscles of your throat and jaw. Relaxed muscles in this area can cause the tongue to relax as well and block the throat airway.
If you are an occasional snorer, this strategy may work for you. If you snore heavily, it may help a little bit, but it will not make a significant difference overall.

4.Strengthen your neck

A stronger neck supports the head better during sleep and is believed to help in keeping the airways open, reducing snoring at night. This is not a cure, but may help to lessen the problem.

5. Stop smoking

Research has proven smoking is a major contributor to snoring. It is believed snoring as a result of smoking is caused by upper airway irritation and inflammation. Even more concerning, prolonged smoking can lead to permanent damage to the respiratory system.

6. Exercise

When we say exercises to stop snoring, we are mainly referring to those exercises which work the jaw, tongue, and facial muscles, to strengthen them and help keep these muscles tighter during sleep which reduces the blockages of the air pathways.
Of course, if you happen to be overweight, this could be one of the major reasons why you snore, so it is always helpful to perform regular exercises to help you get in better shape, which will definitely reduce your snoring. Still, as most people know about the exercises which can help you to lose weight already, we will focus on mainly on facial exercises which can also help to reduce snoring.

7. Visit an allergist

An allergist can help you determine if your snoring is caused in part by an allergen. Some common irritants such as dust, dust mites and pet dander may all contribute to nighttime snoring. Replacing pillows every six months, dusting ceiling fans and other bedroom surfaces frequently and keeping pets outside the bedroom are all steps that can be taken as natural ways to stop snoring.


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