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Home Remedies For Sore Tongue

The tongue is  a very sensitive part of our senses and body organ as a whole.  Accidentally biting your tongue really hurts and it may endure wound that will affect your eating habits. Tongue twinge occurred even in the absence of wound and it can also be a symptom of allergic reaction, iron paucity or an upshot of medication.

Tongue bite is the most common reason of tongue pain. However, there are many reasons why individual is suffering from tongue soreness. These may include:

• Minerals and vitamins deficiency such as zinc, folic acid, iron and B12 group of vitamins

• Emotional distress and hormonal changes

• Intestinal disorders

• Chronis disease

• Inflammatory bowel disease

•Food allergies such as chocolate, oranges, pineapples, strawberries, eggs, cheese, nuts, and coffee. These are highly acidic foods which should be consumed on a minimal quantity.

If you get to the bottom of all these tongue soreness causes, these are basically due to unhealthy eating habits. The home remedies to ease tongue sore pain, includes :

• Regular tongue inspection – this is recommended to do at least once or twice every month. Do not just inspect the surface check also both sides and the under sides of the tongue to ensure that there is no suspicious spots. If there is suspicious spot observe it for a couple of 2 weeks, if it’s still there go to your dentist for consultation.

• Applying over-the counter oral medicine – oragel is a recommended anaesthetic medicine which can be purchase even without doctor’s prescription. This medicine helps reduce soreness.

• Hang-in there – this means do not constantly touch or avoid touching the injured part of the tongue or the painful part of it. Usually it can heal by itself if the injury is not that serious. Seven to ten days observation is advice prior to seeing your dentist.

• Regular rinsing – basically this is part of personal hygiene but not most people abide to this rule specially kids. Brushing your teeth including your mount provides temporary relief. Those who can’t afford to buy mouth wash you can make one at home using lukewarm water with salt. Gargle it to ease tongue pain. Do it regularly.

• Healthy eating habits – basically this home remedies to ease tongue sore pain is the mostly neglected by people. Admit it or not, people don’t think wisely if this certain food is bad for their health. All they think for is the need to consume foods. As part of healthy diet individual should avoid ingesting salty, spicy and acidic foods. If it’s too tough for you to evade these foods dilute it by rinsing water. Brushing your teeth regularly and do not smoke or quit smoking is also advice to prevent tongue soreness.

The above mentioned prevention methods should be done regularly to avoid tongue soreness. On the other hand, to be specific with the many home remedies to ease tongue sore pain, check the lists of materials below:

• Drinking goat’s milk

• Using aloe vera juice as mouth rinse

• Mix baking soda with lukewarm water and salt

• Eat raw tomatoes or drink tomato juice

• Mix cinnamon with water then gargle it, this helps is faster healing process

• Cut small piece of unions and apply it slowly on the sore tongue or the injured part of the tongue.

• Place ice cube on the top of the wounded part

All these material are accessible in our own home particularly in the kitchen area. These are just few of the home remedies to ease tongue sore pain but this will surely help you in a way.


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