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How To Reduce Face Fat Fast

Use your check muscles

  1. Breath in deeply and close your mouth
  2. Now use your cheek muscles and shift the air from right side to left side and vice versa
  3. Repeat this step till you can hold your breath, say 20 times
  4. Now take a break, breathe out and again fill your mouth with air and repeat the exercise 10 more times

Wide open your mouth

  1. Wide open your mouth as much as you can and hold this posture for 1-2 minutes
  2. Now close your mouth to relax the jaw
  3. Repeat this workout for around 20 times in a day

Stretch the skin over the cheek bones

  1. Now using your middle finger and index finger, stretch the skin over the cheek bone in an upward direction towards your eyes
  2. Now open your mouth and form an oval shape
  3. Maintain this posture for around 20 seconds and then release your fingers
  4. Repeat this step for over 10 times

Create a joker face

  1. Just as jokers make facial expressions you’ll also have to create a same face by using your thumbs and index fingers
  2. Place your index fingers on the outer edge of both the eyes and thumbs on both sides of your mouth
  3. Now stretch your fingers upwards so that facial skin is stretched in the same direction
  4. Keep stretching until you feel some strain on your cheek bones
  5. Repeat this facial exercise for 20 times

Simple tips to slim fat face

1. The most easiest method to lose fat face fast is by drinking plenty of water. Drinking enough water will keep you hydrated. At times, when the body is dehydrated, the face tends to bloat. Slimming your face also means that you cut down on unnecessary snacks and fat food. Once again, drinking water will reduce your urge to binge eating.

2. Eating fat food will not help lose chubby cheeks. If you really want to lose fat from face and slim down chubby cheeks, then watch your diet. Avoid eating outside food or anything that comes in cans or is packaged in any form. Make it a point to have home cooked meals where you know what ingredients are going into the food.

3. Cutting down on sodium will also help lose face fat. Too much of sodium tends to dehydrate the body, making you feel bloated. Salt consumption must be as less as possible. Try having plenty of fruits and salads (without salt). This will act as snackers, increase water content in your body thereby helping you avoid anything salty or binge and unhealthy eating.

4. Never skip Breakfast. Skipping breakfast is like fooling the body to increase the want to eat more during lunch. This is one of the best tips you can find on how to lose face fat.

5. Apart from the facial exercises mentioned above, spend at least 30-40 minutes every day to do some kind of activity. Be that swimming, walking or cycling.

6. Sleeping enough will also help in reduce fat face. Less sleep or insufficient sleep will make your face seem swollen and bloated.

7. While you are still working on the above o lose face fat, you can use makeup tricks to make face look slim. Apply bronzer or one shade darker foundation along your jawline to give it a shadow – type illusion.

8. Hairstyles for fat face or a round face is also an easy trick to make the face look slim.



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