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How To Remove Excess Salt And Prevent Diseases

How To Remove Excess Salt And Prevent Diseases
Salt is a necessity for the body to function properly and example of this highly important salt needed is the sodium salt.At the same time ,as highly important as sodium salt is ,so also is as dangerous to the body when consume in excess .

The major example of the health problem caused by excess sodium is high blood pressure known as hypertension and this can lead to more serious conditions such as stroke ,heart disease and others.When sodium is taken is excess ,it leads to water retention in the system or bloating .
Ways to flush out the excess salt in your body includes drinking a lots of water ,cautious effort to reduce the salt in take at the same time ,doing a lot of exercise and finally visiting a sauna

Increase in water intake
You can do this by drinking at least 64 ounces of water in a day.A man called Jeff Hampl ,a nutrition researcher and assistant professor at Arizona State University said Even though water can be associated with bloating but still drinking a lot of water can as well flush out sodium out of system and thereby reducing bloat.You must take cautious effort to avoid as much as possible carbonated drinks ,caffeinated drinks and also soup with high content of salt

Reduction of Salt intake
When of easiest way to avoid or reduce salt intake in food is to replace your processed food with fresh foods as much as possible examples of these fresh foods include your fresh vegetables and fruits .It is also of great importance to always check the Nutrition facts label on the processed food for sodium content before you purchase them
There other spices that are good and can still serve the same purpose with the sodium salt even better with health benefits.Examples are garlic or cilantro ,this can actually add flavour to your dishes

Exercise daily.
Do daily aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking, jogging or bicycling. Sweating helps your body remove impurities and excess sodium.

And finally you can as well Visit a sauna to help your body sweat out more impurities and excess sodium.

Caution : Drinking lots of water and sweating heavily also can flush out important vitamins and minerals, so consider taking a daily multivitamin at the same time as you are flushing out excess salt in other to prevent health problems.


How To Remove Excess Salt And Prevent Diseases


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