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Keratin for beauty and health hair

Keratin is a protein that enters the structure of the hair, skin and nails and is ideal for rebuilding and nourishing the hair. Through therapy for hair with natural keratin hair healthy, shiny and full of vitality .

Food and keratin synthesis .Sources

To foster keratin synthesis is essential to eat a variety of protein sources. The best sources of protein are especially animal. Thus, your hair needs some constituents called amino acids, which are found mainly in meat.


To foster keratin synthesis is essential to consume from many sources of protein: meat, fish and legume.Generally proteins of animal origin are better hair than gele vegetable. Meat contains amino acids needed for healthy hair and fat but .In conclusion, lean meats and fish are best.


Iron is essential for hair growth, but depends on the source from which provine.Astfel iron that comes from meat is more easily assimilated than in cereal, vegetables, nuts and dairy products .In addition, vitamin C has the ability to stimulate uptake iron, while coffee, tea and some dietary fiber, can stop uptake .


Zinc is a trace element important for protein synthesis and division celulara..Lack zinc, train fragility of hair.
Ideal sources of zinc include oysters, seafood, meat and liver.In lack of these foods can choose wheat germ, cheese, peanuts and nuts.

Vitamin B complex

B vitamins are essential for healthy hair because it helps strengthen roots and participate in the production of keratin.
Vitamin B3 stimulates circulation to the hair root,
Vitamin B6 is essential for metabolism of keratin,
Vitamin B5 contributes to hair growth and regeneration,
Vitamin B8, controls sebum secretion

Vegetable Keratin

It is a solution that replaces pure vegetable keratin in cosmetic products of animal origin and has an outstanding compatibility with that found in the human body. It is an important asset for hygiene and hair care products: shampoos, conditioners, conditioners, masks, hair sprays. Protects hair from negative influences such as aggressive styling, brushing intense sunlight, discoloration, application for permanent solutions. It is an asset intensive care for hair and skin.
Proteins and their derivatives are used for decades as ingredients for skin and hair care. In recent years turned increasingly more to the vegetable and molecular weight has a decisive influence on the properties of cosmetics are included.
Interestingly, the penetration of the substance is less influenced by previous damage hair (bleached, treated with a permanent solution) than the strength and the number of applications.
Another interesting property is substantivitatea and penetration while it penetrates deep into the hair and larger molecules attaches to hair.
The hair needs moisture, but not excessive! Excess hair hydrated is willing to damage. Haired middle-aged people have less capacity to retain water, hair becomes drier, thinner and more vulnerable. Keratin is not moisturizing but is vegetable moisturizing regulator.

Treatment with natural  keratin for your hair

Keratin is a protein found in the special composition of hair in 85% and help his training. When styling excess, however, this component degrades and hair becomes dull and difficult to arrange.
One solution to provide always a healthy and beautiful hair is extracting keratin from other natural sources, following her to be used in special treatments to restore youth and brilliance of the hair. Thus, damaged hair, dull, will be fed in depth due to the active principles of natural keratin, which will also ensure disappearance wrinkled appearance by creating a protective film against heat.

Keratin treatments are recommended when the hair is fragile, splitting and difficult to style, inelastic and shine. Protein moisturizes hair in depth, nourishes and gives an extremely soft feel.
Treatment with natural keratin without formaldehyde is not just a stretch of hair, but a unique and relaxing experience, a true youth activities that strengthens the structure of the yarn and gives it a revitalized. It can be used on any type of hair, natural or painted with excellent results right from the first application. Benefits of treatment lasts about two months.
People who have given up natural hair color shades in favor of another I certainly know dyed hair is more difficult to maintain and degrade very quickly. Natural keratin treatment is recommended to be performed after dyeing, to nourish the hair in depth and combat the harmful action of the chemicals in paint. If treatment is done before then painting will be performed at an interval of two weeks, because the hair keratin action to be more efficient.
To get the best results and full effect of smoothing, straightening is recommended in advance and then treatment.




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