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Melt your hips with this program “home made”

Here are three moves that you can easily do at home and intended to melt your belly and hips permanently!
Of course the loss of localized fat is very uncommon but these exercises will not only build your lap and your obliques but also increase your metabolism to melt fat everywhere.
The result: Selected hips, abdominals visible, solid sheathing and a sexy body!
You are ready ? Let’s go !

  Exercise 1: One Arm Towel Roll Out

One Arm Towel Roll Out
Starting position: Stand on plank position arm and legs straight. Place two small towels or dish towels under each of your hands.
Movement: Keeping abs tight, move your right hand in front of you as far as possible in well keeping both of arms straight and bring it under your shoulder again to find yourself in the starting position.
The deeper you go away from your hand and the movement will be difficult for your abs and hips.
Do 15 repetitions for each arm alternately and go movement

Exercise 2: Unilateral Dumbbell Deadlift

This exercise has the gift to target all your muscles and enormously the center (abdominals, obliques, casing, deep muscles) because you need to stabilize your muscles and for that you have to strongly contract your abdominals.
Starting position: Stand with your feet together, back straight and hold a weight with your right hand.

Unilateral Dumbbell Deadlift

Movement: Lean forward by lowering the weight to the floor until your torso be parallel to the ground and making up your right leg further back, parallel also.
Return to the starting position by contracting your abdominals and without your right foot hits the ground, do 15 reps.
Do 15 reps now with the opposite leg.

Exercise 3: Towel Mountain Climbers

This is the well known movement of Mountain Climbers but which further challenge your muscles thanks to small towel under your feet, this will keep a voltage during the entire movement.
Starting Position: Put yourself in plank position with outstretched arms and legs outstretched. Place two small towels under each of your feet.

Movement: As a movement Mountain Climbers he is going to bring alternately your left knee and your right knee to your chest. But here, thanks to the towels, you will not raise your feet off the ground but make them slip which will accentuate the work of your sheathing and your legs. In continuous contraction, you increase the time under tension from your muscles which produces more muscles!

Towel Mountain Climbers
Do 20 repetitions for each leg.
Happy training!
, stay FIT!


Melt your hips with this program “home made”


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