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Moldovan Bulz

Bulz recipes are delicious, this time is present a variant of Bulz modovenesc, prepared in both a traditional .


 Porridge made of corn flour, water and salt,

Sheep cheese,
 Kaiser or smoked bacon,
 little cream,
 some butter.
Method (traditional version)
 Prepare a polenta from corn flour, water and salt. Allow to cool a day.  Sheep cheese from the refrigerator and remove a little crush.  Kaiser and bacon cut thin slices and remove the butter and let it soften.

 Cold Porridge is divided into 3 parts for 3 servings.  Each piece of polenta is modeled in his hand, flatten, is in her mid clamp it lays cheese, a piece of butter, bacon Kaiser, then as a dumpling shape bulz well closed higher.
Thus prepared polenta noses put on the grill until melted cheese inside and made polenta crust on the outside. Then serve hot with sour cream for dinner.


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