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Neck Exercises To Prevent Neck Pain

Most neck problems are caused by improper posture – both at home and in the office.  An average head weighs 10 pounds when it’s positioned directly above your body, but for every inch the head moves forward, it gains 10 pounds in weight.  This puts an enormous amount of pressure on the neck and upper back and can result in stiff neck, neck pain and headaches.

Strength training exercises using dumbbells can reduce pain and improve function in your trapezius muscle, the large muscle which extends from the back of the head down the neck and into the upper back.

Repetitive strain injury has become increasingly common. Many office workers report frequent neck pain.

Researchers found that five strength exercises — the one-arm row, shoulder abduction, shoulder elevation, reverse fly and upright row — can substantially reduce perceived pain.

  1. Neck Stretch– Bring the head straight back, keeping your eyes forward then return to a neutral position.

      2.eck And Glide Extension– NECK GLIDE (middle photo): Start with neck straight. Slowly slide your chin forward. Hold for five seconds and return to starting position. Do ten times. NECK EXTENSION (right photo): Without arching your back, slowly move your head backward so you are looking upward. Hold for five seconds. Return to starting position (far left photo). This is a good exercise to do during work to prevent neck strain.


3.Side Tilt – Exercise is performed in sitting or standing position.Head is maintained in neutral position.Head is tilted to one side as far as possible. The exercise is performed while looking straight ahead.Tilt the head but do not rotate the head. Bring the ear towards the shoulder.Repeat exercise 10 times on each side.

Neck Tilt

       4. Rotation – Turn your head to the left so that your nose is over your shoulder.  Return to a neutral position.  Repeat on the right side.

          5.Flexion – Clasp your hands behind your head and guide the head down – bringing your chin toward your the chest.


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