Foods for Perfect Skin


The skin is the window to the entire body.Many of the nutrients and “good” fats we eat as part of a healthy diet enhance the skin’s elasticity and help create the appealing glow of healthy skin. Eat well and avoid foods high in saturated fat, and you’ll see how it ...

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The Benefits Of Green Tea


he many well-researched health benefits of green tea make it a great beverage to include in your diet for the prevention and treatment of cancer, heart problems, cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol levels, rheumatoid arthritis, infection, tooth decay, and many others. Green tea contains an antioxidant called epigallocatechin-3 gallate (EGCG) which ...

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Soup in a Weight Loss Diet


Watery foods, such as soups, can help you lose weight because of their low calorie density, or relatively low number of calories compared to their serving size. Individuals who eat clear or broth-based soups may have a better chance at controlling their weight.  

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Namoura Cake


 This is a traditional dessert, easy and yummy. Dense cake/bars with Middle Eastern flavors like rose water and orange blossom water. Good for every occasion, great after a meal, or with tea or coffee.

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