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Press These Points on Your Baby’s Feet to Make Them Stop Crying Immediately

Reflexology is an ancient Chinese practice that has recently gained popularity in the West as a legitimate medical practice used in the treatment of various physical conditions.

Being one of the most natural treatments and least invasive ones, reflexology is ideal for calming down babies. Babies can’t tell us what is it that is troubling them, so their natural reaction to physical pain is crying. With the help of reflexology, you will know what is troubling your baby, and how to solve the problem naturally.

Reflexology Foot Guide for Babies

It is believed that babies are much responsive to this unique natural practice than adults.

The reason is because they are more responsive to physical touch. If a baby or child is upset, our natural reaction is comforting them by holding or hugging them, rubbing their back, etc. That’s why reflexology is the ideal treatment for them.

This natural practice involves pressing specific points on the body, mainly on the feet, to treat number of health conditions related to their corresponding body part. The above image shows the different areas of the baby’s feet and the corresponding body part they are affecting.


If babies experience problems connected to the head or teeth, you should rub their toes. Rub this part of their feet if they have an ear infection or some other health problem above their neck. Rubbing their toes can also lower their pain when they are teething.


The center of the “Head/Teeth” baby’s feet area is actually the area linked to sinuses. You can reduce the severity of different sinus issues such as a common cold, runny nose, or other respiratory problems, by simply pressing the center of your baby’s toes. This won’t cure their illnesses, but will make their symptoms more bearable.


The top area of the foot above the arch is the chest area. Applying pressure on this area relieves congestion in the chest, but not in the sinuses. In this way you can treat colds or chronic coughs that might lead to buildups of phlegm. What’s more, there are some studies which claim that reflexology can successfully reduce all congestion forms.

Solar Plexus

The complex group of nerves located between the lungs and the stomach is known as the solar plexus. Although the exact reason of solar plexus pain is not fully determined due to the variety of nerve endings and their location, it is known that it can be treated by pressing the upper area of the foot arch. This area is right before the foot touches the ground.

Upper & Lower Abdomen

The entire arch of the foot is the corresponding area to the abdomen. The upper half of the arch corresponds with the upper abdomen. Pressing these points of the baby’s feet can help in cases of heartburn, bowel obstruction, and other digestive problems.

The lower half of the arch corresponds with the lower abdomen. Applying pressure on this area can help in cases of bloating, constipation, and other post-digestive problems.


Babies’ pelvic area is connected to their heels. Reflexology on this part of their feet can help in cases of some problems common for this area, such as postural problems or muscle tightness.

We like to point out that reflexology is not a cure for certain diseases, and shouldn’t be used as a replacement for proper medical attention if your baby is experiencing some serious health problem. It only reduces the pain and symptoms caused by certain conditions like congestion. You should use it to increase yours and your baby’s comfort during periods of stress and pain.


Press These Points on Your Baby’s Feet to Make Them Stop Crying Immediately


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