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Running Clears Your Mind

Running is not only physically good for you, but is mentally good as well. Whether running outdoors, on your treadmill at home, or at the gym the reasons below highlight why running opens up your mind and clears out all of the junk.

There Is A Rhythm To Running

Running requires you to set a pace, and at this pace sets a meditative rhythm. Just as with meditation, your focus on maintaining your pace and rhythm will require your full attention. This means that it allows you time to fully clear your mind, and take your attention away from the stress of the day. With the break from the day-to-day grind, or current stressors, you may find that your mind has the chance to open up, and that you can see things from a new perspective.

Reduce Depression

Running has been used for years to treat clinical depression and addictions of all kinds. Less tension, less depression, less fatigue, and less confusion are just a few of the changes that patient’s have seen after beginning a regular running program. Running gives something for them to focus on, allowing them to see something besides their depressed state or addiction.

You Can Concentrate On Your Music

Part of what sets the pace when you run, is the music you are listening to. Even if you are running in intervals, you can allow your music to be the primary motivating focus or center of your attention during your run. Music helps to lift your spirits, clear your head, and open your heart.

Running Gets You In The Zone

Running any distance greater than a mile requires you to enter what is called “the zone.” When you are in the zone you will focus more on your physical goals, and less on any mental or emotional stress or strain.

The Physical Nature Of Running Commands Your Full Attention

Running is a highly physical activity, one that commands your full attention. Whether you are running outdoors or on a treadmill, everything from your posture, form, speed, and the course you are running requires you to focus. On top of that, you have to listen to what your body is telling you from a physical standpoint. While running you may have to push through aches, pains, and endurance challenges.

There are many other cardio activities that will provide you with the same mind and mood boosting benefits as running. This includes cycling, the elliptical machine, or even cross-country skiing.




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