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Signs You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

Everyone knows water is one of the keys of life. It is refreshing and necessary for your body to function. Yet, many people don’t recognize the signs of not getting enough water. If any of the following are happening to you then you should drink a nice cold glass of water.

1. Your mouth is dry

While this may seem obvious, many people choose to deal with this sign in non-productive ways. Sugary drinks sever only as a temporary solution and will not lubricate your mouth and throat like water will.

Dry mouth

2. Your skin is dry

As your body’s largest organ you skin needs to stay hydrated. Dry skin is an early sign of dehydration. Without water your body can’t sweat which causes it to be unable to get rid of the dirt and oil that builds up on it over the course of a day.

Image result for DRY SKIN not enough water

3. You’re overly thirsty

While we already talked about having a dry mouth, we are talking hangover kind of thirsty. You whole body is not able to fulfil its water needs and you fill the need to drink water nonstop.

4. Your eyes are dry

If your eyes are dry and bloodshot it could be a sign that you aren’t drinking enough water. This is serious and could do damage to your eyes especially if you wear contacts.

5. You are having joint pain

Cartilage and spinal discs are comprised of 80% water. So water is a necessary component of keeping your bones from grinding against each other while moving around.

6. Your muscle mass decreases

Your muscles are mainly made up of water. So if you work out and drink more water, be prepared for less muscle mass. It also helps prevent the soreness and inflammation that comes with working out.

 7. You stay sticky longer

Frequently drinking water helps your body flush out all the bad toxins. However, should you not drink enough your body pulls from other areas like your blood to get them out, entering a whole new set of health issues.

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8. You feel tired and lazy

When your body is dehydrated it diverts blood away to take the water from it. This leads to a lack of oxygen through out your body, which leads to the feeling of laziness.

9. You feel hungry

Your body often times thinks its hungry when it has a lack of water. Food creates more work for your body, where as when you drink water, it purifies your body and gives it the proper fuel that it needs.

10. You are having digestion problems

Water is a necessary component of your digestive system. When you don’t drink enough water, your body doesn’t create enough mucus. This can lead to heartburn or indigestion.


11. Constipation

Water gives your digestive system the lubrication it needs to process food. If you aren’t drinking enough water your colon has to divert water it would otherwise use to digest your food.

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12. You have reduced urine

You should be finding yourself in the restroom at least 4-7 tines a day. When you pee, it should be a light yellow or clear. If not, you could be dehydrated.

13. You are experiencing premature aging

As you grow older your body will be unable to hold as much water. This means you should be increasing the amount you drink over time. While premature aging is more obvious on the outside, it can do some serious damage on the inside.


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