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Take Care Décolleté

The décolletage is a problem area.The skin on your décolletage is especially vulnerable to visible signs of ageing, since it is thinner, less moisturized, and often exposed to the sun.After the cheek, it is the area most subject to aging. Nothing sadder than the sight of a neck full of wrinkles and folds. Even if the phenomenon is irreversible ,disaster can be postponed. Here are some top tips for keeping your neck and chest looking as fresh as your face .

 Sugar body scrub

  • Banana Sugar Body Scrub

When the bananas are starting to brown, grab those beauties and put them to use. This one skips the oil and relies purely on the benefit of banana and the gently abrasive sugar.
•1 ripe banana
•3 tablespoons granulated sugar
•¼ teaspoon pure vanilla extract or your favorite essential oil (optional)

Smash ingredients together with a fork into a chunky goop. Don’t over-mash or it will become too thin. If you want a banana scrub for your face, reserve some of the banana and mash it separately without sugar. Apply the sugar mixture and gently massage over your decoletage. For your face, gently massage plain banana there, avoiding the eye area. Rinse off with warm water.

  • Vanilla Coconut Brown Sugar Scrub

Coconut oil is subtly fragrant and slightly miraculous. This one is a super moisturizer, and can practically double as dessert.

  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla

Mix ingredients together. Rub on skin while in the shower, massage, and rinse.

This treatment will exfoliate all of your skin and leave you glowing .

Peeling with fruit acids

Here’s the first measure to be taken to remove the stratum corneum various impurities on epidermis . You can turn to products that are found in trade, but we recommend a method much cheaper and more efficient, which can be practiced at home: wet your neck, breasts and neck with water, then massage them with vitamin pills C well pounded.Leave on for 20 minutes, then wash. Vitamin C stimulates blood circulation, better nourished tissues and Above all, activates collagen production. Equally useful is the anointing of fresh lemon juice skin.

Steam baths

In case of oily skin with enlarged pores or impurities, or begins to wrinkle, and it is dehydrate, use  with confidence steam bath. If the sauna is too far from your home , or simply no support, you can prepare a steam bath at home. Put 4 to 5 liters of water to boil, add 10 tablespoons of salt, then pour the liquid into a basin as roomy. Cover your back with a towel and lean over the chest and the neck over the hot steam (beware, do not scalding). If you wish, you can sit with face in vapors. After about 5 minutes, wipe your skin with a compress soaked in cold water (with material towel).


Is absolutely necessary after peeling or steam. The mask is applied thickly and allowed to sit for 20 minutes. For sensitive skin,is recommended mask contains vitamin E.  For skin with impurities, is recommended  herbal masks or clay who  dry . Dry skin is treated with warm olive oil applications.

  • Universal mask with almonds and egg,for all skin types


3 tablespoons grated almonds data on small, 1 egg yolk, 1 teaspoon fresh honey, about 1 1/2 tablespoons hot water.

Method of preparation:

The powder obtained from almond mix well with egg yolk and honey. Incorporate slowly mixed hot water until you get a smooth paste.


Spread almond paste on the face, neck and décolleté perfectly clean. Leave it on for 30 minutes, then fill the sink or basin with hot water in abundance sea. The mask is removed in the following way: soak your hands with water and rub the skin with circular motions. When hands get dirty paste, soak them again and so on until the mask out completely, without irritate the skin. After, rinse with plenty of warm water.
Mask with almond croissant and sand removes skin layers miraculously. After using it, the skin is soft and fresh. The mask fits all skin types, strongly activates blood circulation, without irritating or drying excessively.


Latest fashion suggests women to neck and décolleté powder with silver or gold powder (evening course, you participate in the gala dinners or parties on snobbish). It’s not just a fad: it makes bumps or imperfections disappear.


If you find commercially, put hands on them! These are the best bras in the world when it comes to revealing garments. The latest generation they have no seams, stick to the skin and do not notice the dress. For small breasts, there silicon , bra inserts silicone ,water resistant, so it can be worn as swimwear.

Gymnastics for breasts, cleavage, neck and shoulders

Gymnastics is particularly effective with weights. Even just using the three exercises we present (combined with stretching force), chest muscles of the back and shoulders . Before, however,  you must  heat. For example: dance a few minutes after your beloved a song or jog on place. Weights (possibly water bottles, easy to hold in hand) should not exceed 500 g each at first. Start the program, performing 10 times each exercise, then climbed to 20. As more repeats, the greater the effect.

Exercise I
For shoulder and chest muscles

Stand straight with feet slightly apart. Raise your arms forward, bent at right angles. Forearms and elbows must touch easy. Raise them now, very slowly, so that stretch. Lower them slowly just until they get in initial position.

Exercise II

For arm muscles

Stretch your arms forward in parallel. Move it then as a piston, alternately stretching them back and forth to the chest. The back should be straight and eyes directed forward.

Exercise III

Stretching for back and breasts

Get down comfortably on the floor with legs bent and arms raised. Now let yourself as hard back on the floor with tense muscles (but without raising basin). Hold the tension for 20 seconds, then breathe in and breathe deeply, twice.



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