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The Biggest Enemies Of Healthy White Teeth

The Biggest Enemies Of Healthy White Teeth

Smile adorns his face. The more you smile, the more people you attract, because a smile is a sign of sociability and a sign of good cheer.

But many people are trying to avoid the “big” smile to cover up the teeth. A common problem because people are ashamed of their teeth is coloring. Coloration of the teeth can be external – the outer layer of the tooth and internally – yellowing or darkening of the inner part of the tooth. Often occurs external staining.

Beautiful white teeth

Avoid coffee, tea, wine and soft drinks to keep your teeth white and healthy.

Here are the biggest causes of tooth staining:


Just like wine, black tea is rich in tannin that encourages coloring of teeth. Most dentists agree that he was more “colorant” decay of coffee. To mitigate this effect, the tea consume an average temperature – neither too hot nor too cold. Green tea and lighter teas are better for white teeth.


In the morning there is nothing more beautiful than a morning coffee. Although we all know that coffee negatively affect white teeth, however hard it would have given him only because of this reason. To minimize the effect of coffee,use a straw to drink more milk and place. Immediately after consummation, if you are able – wash your teeth, if no conditions – use chewing gum.


Everyone knows that red wine is a friend of white teeth. But the latest research shows that you should avoid and white wine to keep teeth white. If you drink white wine, then forget the coffee or tea. After exposure of the teeth of white wine, they are more prone to staining.

Carbonated drinks.

Dark colored fizzy drinks (cola) cause visible staining of the teeth. But do not feel protected even when you consume carbonated drinks with a lighter color. If you want to cancel them, use a straw to reduce staining.


Dark sauces like soy sauce, curry or tomato cause staining of the teeth.

Fruit in intense colors.

Fruit berries with intense saturated colors and products made of them (juices) affect coloration of the teeth. In those fruits include blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, pomegranates, grapes and cherries.


Nicotine causes the teeth and often leaves nasty brown stains. Quitting smoking is the best thing you can do for your health.

Poor oral hygiene.

Poor oral hygiene not only destroys the white gleam of teeth, but dental and overall health. Brush your teeth at least 2 times a day and use dental floss once a day. Use a soft brush and do not forget to delete the original language.

Dark sauces like soy sauce, curry or tomato cause staining of the teeth.





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