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Tips And Exercise To Do When You Are Tired

Is it possible that you can be too tired to go to the gym and work out?You go to work every morning at 7 and don’t come back until 6pm. You are always tired, even with the best caffeine supplements in the world. You want to build muscle and I’ll always tell myself that you are going to hit the gym when you get home, but then you find that you are simply too tired to do so.

The argument pro exercises

On the one hand,  you was fatigued, mostly mentally, and you body wanted to give in to it. Moreover, you know the human body is programmed to conserve energy, and it is ingrained at a very deep level to rest when it can. It’s our natural state, in other words.If you put on your exercise clothes and got on the treadmill for a comfortable walk. Soon, you felt wide awake, which inspired you to do much more exercise than you had intended. When you finished you felt great and you were thankful you exercised.

For us recreational exercisers, a good rule of thumb is to fight through feelings of being tired, and do something physical. You will be rewarded,  for your efforts.

The argument against exercises

When you workout hard, you have to be certain to fuel your body with good nutrition, and to get lots of quality sleep each night. This is critical for full recovery from your workouts. But what if something interferes with eating and sleeping right? If so, you might not recover fully and be ready for your next workout. Unfortunately, even if you eat and sleep right, if you are doing too much, too often, you can become over-trained. When this happens, the body can’t keep up, and it starts to decline.When you train hard, feeling tired and losing interest in training can be the body’s way of warning you to cut back, to rest more. Forcing yourself to keep going can make things worse.


1. Go to the gym immediately after work

Never go home first. It’s pretty easy to get caught up in the reality tv shows, the friends calling you and the couch feels so nice. Always bring your own gym bag to work with some workout clothes in the bag so you can be ready to hit the gym in due time.

2. Try to workout in the morning

If you find that you’re more of a morning person, it might be a good idea to go to the gym immediately when you wake up. Obviously you’re going to have to make some adaptations to your sleeping schedule, but overall you should be much more motivated to hit the gym if you find that you are a morning person. In addition to this, it will keep you energized throughout the remainder of the day.

3. Get a gym buddy

A great benefit of having a workout partner is that you hold yourself accountable. You know your friend is counting on you to be there for his workout, so you’ll be forced to go to the gym unless you want to let him down.

4. Work in yoga class

When I did yoga a couple of years ago, I found that it immediately lowered my stress levels and for some odd reason, I found myself much more energetic after doing it. You’ll also get a fantastic workout and will increase your flexibility as well! Yoga is an all around great tool to improve your health and energy levels.

5. Don’t workout every day

Rather you’ve been working out for a while or you’re just now starting to hit the gym, you don’t need to workout every day and   doing so would actually be counterproductive – especially if you’re trying to build muscle.If you workout every day, you’re most likely going to notice an immediate decrease in energy levels. Going to the gym should increase your energy levels, not decrease them. Never workout more than 5 days per week.

6. Change into your gym clothes at work

Although it might sound silly, it actually works. Before you leave work for the day, head for the bathroom and slip on your gym clothes. It will give your body and mind the message that it’s time to hit the gym and you won’t make any excuses to drive home after work.

7. Know the difference between a tired mind and a tired body

Although you might have to deal with angry clients, customers or bosses at your jobs, don’t use this as an excuse to skip the gym. Although your mental muscles might be failing, chances are your physical muscles are completely ready for a killer gym workout.

8. Focus on the benefits

You should never view working out as a chore and think of all the negative things that it does for you. If you do this, you’re simply going to make excuses for yourself and besides – what could be negative about working out? Not much if you ask me.Instead of completely focusing on why you shouldn’t work out, focus on the benefits to working out and think of what inspires you to do so. A few of these benefits include increased longevity, decreased risk of disease, increased metabolic rate, a better sex life, better sleeping patterns more energy and so on.

Best Workouts To Do When You’re Too Tired to Exercise
Of all the excuses we use when it comes to finding a good reason to skip a workout, “I’m too tired” is probably the most common. Maybe that’s because it seems the most logical. Exercise requires energy, so of course we don’t want to work out when we’re feeling drained.
1. You work in one group fitness
Often relaxing and always low-impact, Yoga is one of the low-key group exercise classes It’s a great way to tune into mind/body connection and to breathe . Starting with sun salutations is a great way to energize the body… next thing you know it may end up begin a power yoga session.

3.Water Aerobics
Water aerobics as another calming, low-impact group exercise class that might be just the thing you need when you’re feeling too tired to exercise.

Just walk it’s underrated, but the old standby holds true. Getting a quick walk in is always a great option and when the weather is especially nice it can boost your mood.
Taking a hip hop or any other sort of dance class is a great way to spark up energy levels.Plus, you’re dancing and releasing stumped energy so it won’t feel too much like a workout.


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