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To Use Acupressure For Weight Loss

What Is Acupressure There are some vital points in our body which are known as key points. With the help of finger tips or elbow or some objects these points are pressed in such a way that they get stimulated. When these points get stimulated, many chemical reactions start taking place in our body which help in curing many diseases.

Acupressure for weight loss: There are acupressure points in body which are directly connected to hunger centre of the brain. These points when stimulated by fingertip massaging could bring down urge for food.

Which Point Should be Pressed For Weight Loss

1.Between nose and upper lip there exists pressure point which could help in lowering appetite. Before taking meal, gently massage at the pressure point by holding lip using thumb from inside and index finger from outside. Massage up and down at the pressure point, continue for 10 seconds.

2.Knee Point: The Acupressure Knee Point is directly connected with your Stomach. The Knee Point is situated under the Knees in both feet. The Knee Point exactly located at 4 to 5 centimeters distance below the Knee. Move your fingers over there and find the Knee Point. As you find the Acupressure Knee Point you need bend your leg from knee. If you feel the movement on the Surface (where you have put on your Finger(s), you have got Knee Point. Apply Pressure for 2 minutes on you Knee Point.

3.The Ear Point is also called Appetite Control Point. Ear Point works on controlling the Over Eating due to Craving for food (i.e. too much Hunger). The Ear Point is located at same as displayed in Picture. To find the Ear Point, move your hand towards the Jaw and bring it up and down. Find the Point which is most active, i.e. movement. As you find the Active Point near your Ear jaw, Press the Point for 1 Minute and maximum 3 Minutes.

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4.For immediately subsiding hunger pangs, massage pressure point lying between navel and breastbone in a circular manner.

5.Abdomen Point: Image Source: natural-health-for-fertility.com The Abdomen Point is the Next Step towards Acupressure Points for Weight Loss. The Abdomen Point is situated near your Navel. The exact place of Abdomen Point in under the Navel. The distance between Navel and Abdomen Point is near about three fingers (i.e. 3 Centimeters). As you find the Abdomen Point, you need to massage around with the help of two fingers.

Image Source: natural-health-for-fertility.com

6 .Massage your little finger starting inside ( towards ring finger) and move on to the finger tip. Do this for 10 seconds.To subside hunger arising out of stress, massage at the pressure point which lies two finger widths below the base (knuckle) of index finger and half finger width towards the thumb. Do this for both the hands, you could use your thumb for this.



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