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Walnuts – Benefits for Health

Rich in protein, fat, vitamins and minerals, nuts are considered experts in nutrition healthier than almonds peanuts.  It is recommended to prevent heart disease, nervous system health, cancer and diabetes, unlined skin and improve memory.
The benefits of nut consumption are numerous, say doctors who recommend that all age groups.
Walnuts have almost 20 amino acid composition, protein and unsaturated fats making them a true medicine for many diseases.

Good for the heart

Eating walnuts is good for maintaining heart health and blood circulation.  Walnuts prevent hardening of the arteries and ward off heart disease.  They are recommended for people suffering from various heart conditions or have hypertension.
Regular consumption of nuts strengthens blood vessels and prevents damage.  Due to the unsaturated fat content, nuts are beneficial in reducing “bad” cholesterol.  In addition, studies have shown that walnuts improve mood and reduce tiredness in the body.

Weight Loss

Walnuts helps to maintain an active metabolism.  In other words, are particularly recommended for people with a slow metabolism, namely the elderly, obese or prone to gain weight fast.    For this reason, metabolism needs a little help to work for his own body and not against it.  So combat and metabolic syndrome, or if not, diminishes over time after a cure.   Like all fruits, nuts contain fiber, which helps detoxify the body.  By fermenting their harmful bacteria in the gut are destroyed and beneficial flora digestion is improved in a visible way.  With this method you can avoid the constipation, hemorrhoids, colon cancer and other digestive diseases.  They also have an anthelmintic effect, especially on tapeworm.

Improve memory

Modern research has shown that nut is a stimulant memory and is recommended to those who make an effort mental strength.  Content recommend zinc rich walnut kernels in the treatment of fatigue, growth retardation, nervous system disorders.  For those stale and poor, a core handful of chopped mixed with a tablespoon of honey, then drink a glass of fresh fruit juice.  To increase storage capacity and learning periods, especially during exams, can daily consume 10-15 nuts mixed with 4 tablespoons of honey polyfloral.  The mixture is eat leisurely chewing each mouthful well.

Can replace meat for diabetics

Because they have a low carbohydrate content, nuts are recommended for people suffering from diabetes who are not allowed to eat meat.  According to doctors, nuts can replace meat, being as rich as nourishment.
Those who have not meat, nuts can be used in recipes ingenious.  From chopped nuts can be prepared meatballs or stuffed perfect replaced the fruit flesh. .

Good for rheumatism

Walnut leaf poultices reduce rheumatic pains.  This is a recommended herbal remedy to combat rheumatic pain in people who suffer from the condition.  Beneficial for the relief of rheumatic not only the leaves, but also fruit and nut due to the high content of salts, magnesium, vitamins B and C.

Beautiful skin

Omega 3 fatty acids contained in nuts are good for healthy skin.  Make sure you get enough omega-3 and omega-6 fats. These are essential fatty acids which mean they cannot be made in the body and must be obtained through the diet. You will find omega-3s in oily fish and plant sources such as flaxseed oil, linseeds, walnut and rapeseed oil. Omega-3 fats encourage the body to produce anti-inflammatory compounds, which can help skin, particularly inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Healthy hair

Nuts are high in protein and zinc, and are great for promoting strong and slinky hair. Good nuts to add to your diet include walnuts, which are packed with omega-3 fatty acids and biotin, and Brazil nuts, which are high in selenium. Selenium is not only good for promoting a healthy skin and scalp, but the mineral can also help prevent hair loss. Nuts are best eaten sparingly due to their high calorie content, however regularly snacking on a variety of nuts can have great health benefits.



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