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What Does Your Lips Shape Say About You

Not all lips are created equal. Some women have large, full lips, others have tiny rosebud ones. But no matter the size or shape , there’s always something beautiful about them, and they’re definitely the first feature it notice when you meet someone for the first time.
Our lips are probably our most expressive feature after our eyes, it makes sense that they can provide some insight into who are.

Thin lips

If you have relatively thin lips, that could mean that you’re a perfectionist and have exacting standards. You always pick quality over quantity and pay attention to detail.
If you think that your lips don’t have much shape, use a lip pencil or a matte lipstick to fill in your lips and help give them more structure and definition.

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Rosebud lips

If your lips are cute like that, it could indicate that you have a curious but rebellious nature. You’re also extremely sociable and make friends easily. You’re the life of the party .
A sheer glossy neon pop of colour will work well to emphasise the roundness of your lips.

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Oval Or Round Shape

When the outside perimeter shape of a person’s lip print is round or oval, it reveals that the person likes things to go smoothly. They do not like conflict. They do not like to argue. They like everybody to be happy.


Full lips

Apparently, full lips are a sign of high estrogen levels and well, fertility, so maybe that’s why the women men find most sexy often have luscious lips.
The colour  orangey-red hue draws attention to your pucker, while the matteness is easy to maintain through the night and very chic.

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Thin Lower Lip

Women with this lip shape also tend to be smart but also demanding and difficult at times. But they are also highly disciplined and are often extremely successful.
Go for a classic neutral lip, or a your-lips-but-better lipstick in a sheer or creamy finish.


Full Lower Lip

It says that children and pets adore them. On another note, it says that the person could be a writer, speaker or entertainer of some kind.

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