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You Fail to Lose Weight as a Result of This Toxin Overload! Here Is How to Get Rid of All Toxins Accumulated in Your Fat Cells Naturally!

Excessive weight gain may increase your risk of developing high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. Moreover, the human body can also accumulate toxins in the fat tissues.

A program known as the National Human Adipose Tissue Survey was conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency in the 1980s.

What they found out was that all human fat samples had traces of 4 industrial solvents as well as 1 dioxin. Unbelievably, over 90% of all fat samples contained 9 more chemicals, such as 3 dioxins and 1 furan. In general, PCBs were found in about 83% of the fat samples.

The Negative Effects of Dioxins:

Dioxins are a group of chemical contaminants created during combustion processes, like forest fires, backyard trash burning, and waste incineration. They can also be created during certain industrial processes, like herbicide manufacturing and paper pulp bleaching.

In addition, they are highly toxic ingredients, which can lead to hormonal imbalance, reproductive and developmental-related issues, weakened immune system, and even cancer.

The human body accumulates these toxins in fat cells to prevent them from roaming freely and damaging your body organs.

Furthermore, toxins can be divided into 2 groups, including:

– Water-soluble toxins – they are eliminated from the body through the kidneys and blood.

– Fat-soluble toxins – liver transforms them into water soluble ones.

Additionally, food additives, preservatives, pollutants, pesticides, plastics, heavy metals, and other environmental chemicals are some of the fat-soluble toxins.

The Liver Is the Primary Defense System against Toxins:

The liver creates bile, i.e., a fluid with greenish-yellow color that is accumulated in the gallbladder. This fluid is responsible for digesting fats and getting rid of worn-out red blood cells and toxins from the body.

During the digestive process, the gut becomes permeable and therefore the lymphatic system could carry the stored fats to the liver. Then, the beneficial fats are transformed into cholesterol, hormones, cell membranes, skin and brain cells.

On the contrary, harmful fats are processed and removed via bile that is absorbed by insoluble fiber and stays in the body in a form of fecal matter.

So, consuming foods rich in dietary fiber is of great importance.

The Lymphatic System Also Contributes to Toxin Elimination:

The whole intestinal tract Gut is surrounded by lymphatic tissue called Associated Lymphatic Tissue or GALT. Its main role is to absorb and process the nutritional and toxic fats from the digestive system and carry them into the lymphatic system.

In fact, in case the digestive tissue as well as the lymphatic tissue are healthy, then this process can function.

But, if you have a congested GALT, you may experience the following symptoms:

  • Extra weight around the belly
  • Bloating
  • Hypersensitivities
  • Allergies
  • Skin irritation or itching
  • Swollen feet and hands
  • Joint stiffness
  • Headaches
  • Diarrhea or constipation
But, Why Are Toxins Accumulated As Fat?

In a healthy body, the lymph toxins are neutralized by white blood cells present in the lymph nodes. However, this process can be impaired and toxins can also enter the liver if you experience a congested lymphatic system or poor digestive system.

Once the liver gets congested, then it produces thicker, ineffective bile, which results in toxicity. At this point, the liver starts expelling the fat-soluble toxins into the blood stream. Unfortunately, they can enter the fat cells, where they can stay for several years and contribute to free radical damage and degeneration, as well.

Here Is How to Eliminate These Toxins Naturally:

The main culprits of toxins include poor nutrition, excessive body weight, food allergies, and stress. But, you can flush out the toxins from your body completely naturally by:

  1. Keeping Healthy Body Weight

Being physically active keeps you young and healthy and protects yourself from toxic overload. By sweating your body can eliminate toxins through the skin.

Keep in mind that practicing certain physical activities boosts the cardiovascular and lymphatic system, thus supporting optimal waste elimination.

  1. Doing Some Natural Detoxification Processes

If you occasionally detoxify the liver, you can protect it from getting congested. Luckily, you can detoxify it by doing various natural liver cleanses.

If there are a great amount of toxins in your body, then it has to function very hard to expel them. So, it is highly recommended to buy and use organic foods as much as possible. Also, consider cleaning your home by using natural homemade products.

  1. Eating Healthy Foods Rich in Essential Minerals, Vitamins, and Nutrients

As mentioned above, you should eat dietary fiber-rich foods that will absorb your bile. Hence, introduce a lot of calciferous vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, like oatmeal, quinoa, and teff in your daily diet.

In case you experience some food sensitivities, such as gluten, milk, etc., remove it from your diet in order to decrease inflammation.

  1. Relaxing

High levels of stress can lead to inflammation, thus interfering with the exchange of nutrients and fats in the GALT. However, there are a lot of effective methods to  reduce the stress and enjoy the life.

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You Fail to Lose Weight as a Result of This Toxin Overload! Here Is How to Get Rid of All Toxins Accumulated in Your Fat Cells Naturally!

Lose Weight as a Result of This Toxin Overload! Here Is How to Get Rid of All Toxins Accumulated in Your Fat Cells Naturally!subheading


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